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An Artist's Story

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Rebecca Weiss.

The automobile is generally considered to be a manly thing. Women aren’t supposed to be associated with having a passion to cars- which is a false stereotype. In the world of motoring enthusiasts, the passion for auto can be felt by many talented of people. There are many talented women which are equally skilled as their male counterpart, or even better at interpreting these passionate designs found in the automobile. Rebecca Weiss, a young and passionate woman of design- one of the many examples of true motoring talent leading the way for more to follow.

Rebecca’s love for art emerged in her early years, when her favorite activity to do was drawing and it never changed. Over the years she worked hard to develop her skills in crafting the most intricate of automotive designs. At the beginning, cars weren’t something she would be interested into, until one day when It was her father’s birthday and knowing he was a huge Audi fan- she decided to create something meaningful. She really wanted to make her father a great gift, something she knew would make him happy.

She got to work on creating an illustration of her father’s favorite Audi car- He loved it! Ever since that moment she gifted her father with art, he encouraged her to send it over to Audi for them to see her amazing talent. They were fascinated too! Since then, she was given the invite to work with the Audi Team on social media projects. Rebecca is now a part of the Audi social media Team and helps them with designs for their social media projects.

Despite her young age, Rebecca has started her professional Artist career and is very successful woman. She wishes to use her talent in art, to inspire people and encourage them to discover their own talents and assure them that anything is possible. “Art is my passion, my language to communicate with other people, my refuge.” – Rebecca Weiss


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