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The man with the Auto Art Hand.

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A brief look at the man, with the Auto Art hand.
"The time it takes to make Perfection"- it does take a while, to create the Automotive Art that I make. Actually--it is quite time consuming.

"I realized that the way is to spend the time on each part and not to make shortcut. If work is not loved, then you shortcut. I love my work, I love the Auto, so I give it my time for all its many voices that speaks to me. I have feelings for all my Art. My works are a piece of my love/passion for the Automobile. Of course you can never only one love. That is why the Auto is the on-touch saying, for us to have as many as we like- without the love running off with half of your life (lol)."

"This is why I hope many will share their story, that I may express their love in Art form. I wish to create it for them, with Art they can enjoy when they see. The feeling of seeing your love, is very true for when you see your Auto. For I too love as they do....this Passion, the Passion for the Auto."

Thank you,
Osmann Arik.