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"The meaning behind each line"

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By: Sabrina Seerattan,

When you look at a work of art; may it be at a private art gallery or a museum what do you think? Do you ask how long it took to make, why swirls of blue and not red? Why sad and not happy? What does the person who created this really trying to say? I mean a picture speaks louder than words or in any piece of art every stroke is a word in itself. “People in general do consider art as a useful thing that they can’t live without, but at the same time Art exists and will exist always, we cannot do without it.” Massililliano Robino said those words to me and it couldn’t be truer. We have art to fill the spaces on our walls, to express our truth, but we don’t truly understand what art is. We as people don’t really understand how to recognize the works, of an up and coming artist. How can we understand the purpose of a stroke of paint, a line pushed to the side or a meaning unknown.

I can’t begin to explain it to you; because art is an expression of thought, of hope, of longing. You have to look at it to truly feel what the artist is trying to show. You have to understand it, or else it just becomes paper to fill the space on a shelf. For Massililliano Robino- he is a professional artist, to any artist out there that means art is his life. A well organized machine dedicating four hours in the morning and four hours in the evening to his passion. Drawing, painting, or gathering inspiration from a walk around Sicily- it’s a place that he frequent as often as he can, it is the place inspired by many artists and philosophers.

Massililliano Robino Lives life constantly as if he’s on an extended holiday. Robino Loved art since he was a child studying at the Academy of di Belle Arti di Brera, also known as Brera Academy of fine arts in Milan, Italy. His ideas come from everywhere especially memories, “only a memorable experience is influential, it makes us see beyond.” Even as a child his conceptual artwork was inspired by his childhood. In my research I’ve found that in his work it’s possible to understand his personality. “My work is born to carry on my name. Try to imagine a painting by Van Gogh, but the artist is called Picasso; Picasso would be no more ‘Picasso and Van Gogh would be no more’ Van Gogh. The name means everything.”

Robino feels that for himself and other artists, its not to have any suggestions at all, everything’s born from experience and hard work. Anyone who wants to become an artist, has to find something to tell others. May it be a story or an event or a hope “Work, work, work for you to make sure that your dreams do not remain only dreams but become reality.”