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"The Polish Chip Foose"

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The Polish Chip Foose? An Interview with Automotive Artist Andrzej Kuciarski

“Art is not what you see, but what you make other’s see.”
Edgar Degas

In the three short years that Andrzej Kuciarski has devoted his life to making automotive art, he has already inspired others, created a following, and shows that he is on his way to greatness. These are just a few of the reasons to read his story and to get to know the man already dubbed the “Polish Chip Foose."

Automotive Fine Art – A Dream Come True
Automotive fine art is a skill that is not easily acquired. Nor is it readily engaging, if not executed properly. Kuciarski has started making a name for himself in creating thought evoking automotive art.

Passion for automotive art was enthused from an early age for Kuciarski. As a kid, he loved art. And it runs in the family – his mom was an artist. He is also passionate about instilling love for automotive art in others. He continuously pushes himself to create even better art pieces as he works on his dreams.

And that’s Kuciarski’s attitude towards life – “never stop dreaming.” He dreamt that he would one day be an artist and he achieved that dream. Now, he’s working on taking his career to the heights he envisions – a recognized artist as respected as Foose.

Kuciarski’s Automotive Art – A Masterful Blend
Kuciarski isn’t a traditionalist. Instead, he describes his art as a blend of different styles which he uses to make his own – AK Designs. He is forging his own path, putting together what he knows, and delivering beautiful art for enthusiasts to accent their space.

Through his skill, he communicates the beauty and power of the machines he loves. When asked about his creative inspiration he remarks that “there is always something about the cars that will catch his heart...body line...headlamps ... it’s like with the women... it just needs to have that thing."

Kuciarski’s motivation to work twice as hard at his craft also stems from his desire to continue pleasing those who admire his art. One of those successes of his dedication to his craft is his piece “The LaFerrari." It takes true skill for a painting to resemble a picture and that is what he achieved with his Ferrari-inspired piece. It is a high level of achievement and one of which he is most proud.

Kuciarski is also pleased to sell his art through Enthuzdstyle. He believes that they aren’t only about pushing artists and automotive art as a product. But that they are genuinely interested in promoting artists and automotive art “as something deeper, something that comes out with love and true passion from the bottom of the artist’s heart.”

An Inspiration for Other Artists
Kuciarski lives the motto of Enthuzdstyle – sharing his passion for all to appreciate. And in doing so he has become an inspiration to others, something he never thought he would have achieved at this early stage of his career. One of his most memorable encounters happened on Instagram when one of his followers reached out to him and said:

“I just love to see art that is so realistic. That is my goal and I would like to become as great as you someday :)”

He is humbled and honored by these words. They have motivated him to continue producing his best automotive art and honing his skill to become one of the greatest of all times. He encourages those who want to pursue automotive art, to also chart their own path. He recommends that as long as you love what you do, keep moving forward no matter what.

An Artist for the Future
Through his art, patrons see beauty, power, style; admirers see a great artist in the making; well-wishers see the unforgettable and distinctive – just like Foose; aspirants see the potential for greatness in themselves. Kuciarski could not have hoped for more from such a short career.

He hopes to be able to devote all his time to creating his exclusive auto-inspired artwork for others to enjoy. Given his accomplishments to date, it can only get better from here. As an Enthuzdstyle artist, he has a great platform to continue bringing his distinctive and engaging automotive art to the world.

By: Yvette Haughton