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"Why EnthuzdStyle"

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By: Simon Danny Pettinella,

How could we define passion? We all know this word by associating it with a very strong feeling, a full emotional engagement, that is able to control the actions of a person.
Actually, the word passion comes from the Latin "passion", which means "to suffer”. After all, who has never suffered from passion? Whether it is a sports, cultural or artistic passion it is many times capable to put yourself in trouble, which seems impossible to overcome. Therefore, this issue is an illusion and it has a way out: true passion always finds a solution when it comes to obstacles. In order to reach the finish line, true passion takes you in a path made of smiles, hardships, joys and pride.

My name is Simon Danny Pettinella and I am an Italian car blogger, I write on carcanbeart.com and I collaborate for different newspapers. It is now my job to explain you about this meeting of passionate people from which was born the EnthuzdStyle team, a Fine-Art production company specialized in high quality prints in order to convey to its customers a true artistic experience.
In one way or another, we all had to deal with the world of cars: for instance, there is the one who takes the car to go to work and washes it once a year, but also the lover of vintage cars that never gives up his Sunday rides.

Sometimes passions are mixed with each other to create interesting connections capable of entering into other dimensions or - in this case - in other rooms of the house in addition to the garage. And it is precisely here that comes EnthuzdStyle and its work: to live everyday the passion for cars through art, making it available for everyone.
Yes, it often happens that passions are limited by the wallet (or wives), but it is actually here where the innovation proposed by EnthuzdStyle finds its place: the American team brings together under his name a wide range of artists, from all over the world, specialized in creating works of art using the world of cars as the main subject.

Those are artists that progressively grow up by building a reputation in their field of work and beyond. If you too are car enthusiast and you are active on several social networks, you probably may have visited some artists’ profiles such as Massimiliano Robino, Osman Arik or Bratya Gafs. They are people with eyes and hands out of the ordinary, who are able to recreate the exact features and proportions of a car with such simplicity and so much realism. With that, their work seems almost unreal and impossible to be done. In addition, the artists also add a touch of flair and creativity to them to achieve an exciting, engaging, and superlative result. Their goal is to trigger a strong feeling in the eyes of the curious, critical, and four wheels people.

In this whirlpool of passions between artists, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, EnthuzdStyle was born and started its business adventure through enthuzdstyle.com, an easy site to use where every visitor can easily find the work that most pleases him and order it in the format that he prefers, without any loss of quality.
That is how every enthusiast have managed to overcome another obstacle thanks to the talent and innovation.
We can stop suffering, now it is the time to enjoy.

Simon Danny Pettinella.