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The Yellow BMW

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Artist Spotlight: Andrzej Kuciarski

Every motor enthusiast understands the value and amount of heart put by fellow car lover in their vehicle. It is a passion which is not limited to a garage, but which is visible in every aspect of life. When this young man decided to buy a car, he didn't expect it to become much more than just a vehicle- but a passion and love to cars he shared with his younger brother.

They built and personalized it themselves not being professionals, but just a pair of hobbyists who spent time side by side spending long hours to turn a simple car into the most sentimental and precious thing they've ever shared together. No matter how much you care about your hobby, family is always at first place. The moment his older brother struggled with decision to sacrifice there beloved build for the future ability to start a prosperous family with his wife and child; well-being and financial safety was the hardest decision in his life and sell his beloved yellow BMW- never being able to see it again…

Today both brothers live happy and healthy lives being able to afford anything they wish, but nothing will be more meaningful than a time they spent together in a small garage with the old yellow car. That is why his younger brother had an amazing idea. "What if I give my brother something special?" "What if I could bring our memories back and immortalize them within a piece of art created just for him?". It was possible thanks to our talented artist Andrzej Kuciarski, who's motoring passion burns equally as bright as the fan himself and understands how important cars are in every enthusiast’s life. He treats every project personally and puts all of his heart into the process of creating each immortalized unique Art.

After much detailed talks with the younger bother and hearing the story of how his older brother had to make such a difficult decision- he decided to make the painting even more special and unique. Andrzej placed the older brother (previous owner) into the painting next to the cherished yellow BMW. By taking the extra steps to craft the older brother into the painting, it created a moment of stopping the time and closing the moment in a memorable and invaluable piece of art.

It is not something that is simply bought in a shop, this is an experience! A moment in time shared forever in art, gifted in such a unique way as never before done. He gave his older brother a chance to feel the emotions he had looking at his beloved car years ago. Thanks to both younger brother and Andrzej, with his undoubtable talent, the man got his precious yellow BMW back and he now will be able to keep it in his house- forevermore.

By: Paulina Debowczyk