Andrzej Kuciarski

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Ever since I was kid, I remembered I loved to draw everything. My mom is a very talented artist and interior designer and that's probably where it came from. When I got a little older I decided to go to art school which I had finished with a diploma of graphic design. Afterwards, I attended the Europen Academy Of Arts in Poland with specialization in graphic design. I had the oportunity to work for a big advertisment company as a junior art director and after some time I was promoted to Art Director. Now I own my own business. Some people always ask me, "Why automotive art?" It's because I love cars, custom rides, and motorcycles. I love everything about customization because you can express yourself and you can achieve something that is one of a kind. Cars have always been my passion since I was young boy. The biggest person in my life who had inspiered me was "Chip Foose". I told myself that one day I will earn enough money doing what I love to do, the same as Chip Foose does. I love to draw and design cars. I want to give people who love their own cars the opportunity by making custom drawings for them so they can display them in their homes mounted in the bedroom wall or in their office. When I'm drawing cars I feel free. I'm listening to my favorite music and I'm 100% concentrated. I love that moment when I see that I'm doing something good because then I know that I can do my next work better than last one.