Artem Oleynik

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Oleynik Artem was born in 1982 in Nikopol’, Ukraine. As a child he moved to Kharkiv, where he studied in the «I.Y. Repin children's art school». At that time he already showed love towards drawing and painting. Best of all he liked to picture cars, planes and other machines. Sometime after that Artem entered the «Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts». The art studies played a crucial part in Artem’s creative activity. Here he gained invaluable experience, essentially improved quality of painting and got the hang of painting in oils. The main topic of his works is auto racing. As a true fan of Ferrari and Formula 1 he with incredible love reproduces on his canvas the bright episodes of race, beauty and elegance of bolids, concentration and strain of pilots, joy and exultance of fans and everything connected with this exciting sport — Formula 1.