Marc Philipp Veenendaal

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I am a self employed Industrial Designer based in Sydney Australia. Ever since I was a boy, aircraft have been a passion and fascination. The love of flight and anything that flies has more recently captured my imagination as I have begun illustrating and sketching one aircraft type or model nearly daily for the last 2 years for my Instagram Account - marc_mpv. Applying the skills I gained at design school, I have been trying to capture hundreds of aircraft types and models on paper or in a digital form. Using a range of art tools and techniques, from ballpoint pen, pencils, design felt markers and digital ink, I am passionate about replicating the forms and styles of existing aircraft as well as occasionally developing some of my own designs and forms. As I am time restricted with running my design business, my daily illustrations are usually created in one sitting, drawn mainly freehand and on most occasions without underlays, erasers or rulers and guides. When certain artworks demand more precision and detail, I will take more time, use grids, rulers and guides to tighten up the work and give them a level of crispness they deserve. Over the coming months, I plan to develop more specific artworks for the Enthuzd Platform with a goal of offering unique aviation illustrations that a true aircraft enthusiast would be proud to own. Thanks for stopping by!