Massimilliano Robino

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Massimiliano Robino is an Italian artist and was born in Milan on December 24,1973. He has been a professional artist since 2001 and has had the opportunity to be exhibited in Europe, USA and Russia. Massimiliano has been invited to showcase his artworks at prestigious international art events like the Venice Biennale, the Moscow Biennale, the Trapani and Ferrara Biennale. At the moment he lives and works between Europe and Russia, where in addition to dealing with conceptual art and design, develops many projects in the automotive field with different brands. In the last year and a half, his art has definitely moved on to more of a “car–portrait” style. A great philosopher once said that "in the portrait pinching the soul of the person, he believes that even the cars contain a soul deep full of different shades." His passion for the automotive art comes from family tradition. Since the middle of last year he has only bought the car brand Alfa Romeo. While working on historical and contemporary models of Alfa Romeo and others, Massimiliano realized how much beauty, poetry, and art is behind the sinuous and sculptured forms of these cars; and he continues to get inspired everyday by these masterpieces which are now representing his new artistic direction.