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Graduated from the Academy of fine art of China, as a student of industry design a few years ago. She went to France to follow her passion for automobile design, she continued to learn transport design in Paris. Within this period, she progressed her skill in the Arts of hand-painting with different materials such as pencils, markers, pastels and watercolor. She likes to visit automobile shows in Europe as much as possible, tries often to visit over the years- especially shows pertaining to classic cars such as, Concour d’élégance at Chantilly in France or at Como in Italy. She is attracted by the culture and the beautiful car bodies of classic cars like an incurable obsession. She likes to talk with fellow Auto Artists at the shows and learn from them as much as possible. In her spare time she enjoys reading from Art design novels, to study and in turn began to publish some of her drawings. "I’d like to bring better works for people who loves cars and I also appreciate to create my unique art for fantastic car Enthusiasts".