Rebecca Weiss

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I´m Rebecca, I’m 23 years old and I’m studying Design and Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. My passion started in earliest days when simple pen and a piece of paper made me the happiest girl in the world. I have been drawing ever since I could remember. Over the years my skills improved to the point where I enrolled to the Academy of Fine Arts, thanks to art and design that became my job. At first, I wasn’t interested in cars. It all begun during my studies in Munich, I remember it well… It was my father’s birthday and he is a big Audi fan. I really wanted to make him happy, so I created an illustration of his favorite car. He loved it and encouraged me to send it over to Audi. They were fascinated too! Since then, I work with the Audi Team on social media projects. That is why this brand is my favorite one to draw for. This art I create- my drawings are universal language which speaks to all people around the world. I want you to be inspired by them, I want you to feel my passion. I want you to understand and interpret my Art as passionately as I do.

Artwork by Rebecca Weiss